Taartrovers Film Festival in Groningen


We had such a great time at Forum, Groningen We enjoyed the children, the films, the home-brewed tea and the smiles on your faces.


July 25 to 27


Forum Groningen

The 2022 festival has already passed

Films en filmprogrammes

There are exciting, funny and moving films. What these films have in common, is that the’re made with a lot of love and attention And it shows. Taartrovers’ films are not only beautiful to watch, they also connect seamlessly with the perception of young children and allow them to look at the world around them with different eyes. We will present you a film-program with several short films or 1 or 2 longer films in succession. There are programmes for toddlers and preschoolers but also ones for children aged 7. These programmes include animation, live action and documentary. So much choice! where are you going?

Taartrovers Lab

At Taartrovers you don’t just watch a film, you can also use your entrance ticket to explore our Lab. Children will find gadgets to stimulate all their senses, there.

Discover, watch, create and play!

School outings to the Festival

During the festival there is an extensive programme available for children from groups 1 and 2. There are introductory lessons and films for school, a fantastic festival visit and a teaching package for follow-up.

Please contact us for more information.