Taartrovers Cinemini at Eye, Amsterdam

Fancy a nice Sunday morning for the whole family? Visit Eye Cinema in Amsterdam for Taartrovers Cinemini. Here, toddlers and preschoolers experience a special film programme and play in a beautiful light landscape.


A (first) cinema visit and delightful play


every Sunday morning


Eye, Amsterdam

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What is Taartrovers Cinemini?

Every Sunday morning, Eye’s Cinemini shows special short (animation) films, often from Eye’s rich collection.

During Taartrovers Cinemini, we show beautiful, sweet, exciting, abstract, narrative and sometimes challenging short films, curated especially for toddlers and preschoolers. Afterwards, visitors play together in a light landscape, consisting of various installations through which children playfully discover how light can create stories.

About the films

The film programmes are specially curated for young children. Many children experience their first cinema visit with Taartrovers Cinemini, in a way that suits them perfectly: the films are shown with dimmed lights, the sound is not too loud, the atmosphere is relaxed and the children can move and react freely.

About the light landscape

After the screening, children are invited to incorporate their experiences with all their senses into the Light Landscape. A constellation of various installations where children explore form, projection, light, shadow, storytelling, movement and colours. How are shadows created? Where do images come from, how do shapes get bigger or smaller, or disappear into nothingness? What stories can they see in the shapes? For adults, shadow is something natural; for children, it may be a magician who turns adults into tall giants.