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Want to know what Taartrovers has on offer? Do you want to work with film or film education in the classroom or are you looking for a children’s programme for your festival, museum or theatre? Then check out our teaching materials, installations, children’s film programmes and workshops.

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Research article: Playing with Film

“Playing with Fim” is a practical study on how film education for preschoolers can be of added value to the existing curriculum. This is not only for general education but also for schools who focus on special education.

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Would you like to join us? Where to find us? Would you like to know when our festival is, where to find our installations or are you looking for a lecture on film education for young children?

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Taartrovers at Home

Watch fantastic short films online and explore your own home.

Available for free in Dutch, English and Dutch Sign Language.

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At School

Do you want to play with film with your class? View our online film lessons, come to the festival or contact us for a tailor-made program.

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Custom made

Taartrovers works on tailor-made programs for museums, festivals and theaters. The connection between watching and discovering fits in every place.

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Taartrovers Film Festival

Watch surprising children’s films (2+) and visit our “Lab” with unique installations, specially developed for young children.

About Taartrovers

Small children are great researchers. At Taartrovers, young children discover the power of their imagination. We stimulate them to give shape to their feelings, images and stories.

Taartrovers develops programmes with playful installation and artistic films for children aged two and up.

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