Custom made

We our expertise in the field of cultural and film education for young children to develop tailor-made projects or programmes together. We are always open to working with inspiring partners from different sectors and strive to reach young children in all parts of society. You too?

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Examples of commissioned projects

Light Lab

Client: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

In the Light Lab, catch light with mirrors, dance with colours and use your hands, feet and whole body to create a shadow artwork.

Art Machine

Client: Lijmlab

During the workshops, discover and experience how to make a magical game with light and movement using everyday objects.


Client: Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum Frankfurt (Germany)

Museum exhibition with seven installations forming a light landscape + training sessions for Culture & Media students

Playground of Imagination

Client: Amare

A landscape full of playful installations: aerial drawings, sand tables and the shadow story house

Monsieur Carton

Client: Kunstgebouw Den Haag/ Filmhub Zuid-Holland

Online lessons packed with assignments starring Mr. Carton to play with light, sound and movement and an active training for teachers. Mr. Carton steals the hearts of young and old!