Taartrovers Lichtspielplatz

Taartrovers Lichtspielplatz is our first museum exhibition, a playful composition of film screenings and a light playground with seven installations for children aged 3 and up. The films were curated by the Filmmuseum in Frankfurt, the installations were created by Taartrovers. You enter a space in which you are free and secure, a space that inspires and encourages exploration, a space for wonder using all the senses.


Taartrovers Lichtspielplatz


December 11 2023 – May 12 2024


Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum Frankfurt (Germany)

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All installations in Lichtspielplatz form a substantive and aesthetic connection with each other. They are abstract, calm in their use of colour and elegantly designed. As a result, they offer plenty of space for your own imagination. You are introduced to the basic elements of film such as light, projection, movement, imagination, sound, storytelling and perspective in a playful way.

Guides follow the children in their play and support or encourage them where necessary. The children choose their own direction and rhythm. Intuitively and by doing, children discover more about film. There is no result expected of them, the play and process are the basis of their development and their love for film.