The Taartrovers Lab

Every Sunday children can enjoy four installations created by Taartrovers on Amare’s Kunstenplein.


The Taartovers Lab


Every Sunday till June 9 2024


Amare, The Hague

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The Taartrovers installations form a coherent whole, or a so-called lab which children can explore independently. The installations require no to barely any explanation or instruction: children can see intuitively what they can do. Children use their creativity to create their own images, movements, colours, sounds and stories. Quite naturally and actively, children discover what they are capable of.

The Taartrovers Lab features installations with music, children can make aerial drawings, make art on sand tables and make shadow stories in the special house. The Lab in Amare’s Kunstenplein is open every Sunday. An Amare guide will be present to show the way, but (grand)parents/guardians need to accompany their children.