What are you looking for? What do you wish to find? The sun or the moon? A sunflower seeks and finds her own way. She chooses to sleep soundly during the day, and bask in the moonlight at night – while everyone else is fast asleep. “Moonflower” is a funny short animation which makes you realize it is fine to choose your own path.

In “What’s in that box”, a girl is searching for a kitten, who travels around the world in a large container. The cat travels by plane, ship and train. It starts in a big container and ends in a small box. We travel along on all vehicles and watch the world pass by. After many mishaps which are resolved each time, the kitten finally arrives at the girl’s house. “What’s in that box” is a simple and strong animation resembling an endless picture book.

Alfred is looking for a new place, a tree house where he can feel at home again. Where can you go when you must leave your own place? On his search, Alfred comes across many little houses, but he is not welcome anywhere. A tall bird feels lonely; his neighbours have moved away. What will he do when Alfred knocks on his door? “Alfred looks for a house” offers a wonderful film with multiple layers, a happy ending and beautiful music.

A film ticket grants you access to the film screening of “In Search” as well as access to the Taartrovers Light Playground afterwards.