Three films about courage.

In Spring, we follow a brave girl along with her cat in the misty, wild forest. Her task is difficult and exciting, but she dares and sets out to save Spring. This fantastic animated film won the Annie Award.

Mina Moes is about a funny and tough girl. She is stubborn, different from the rest and she loves Minnie Mouse. Courageously she chooses her own way. A funny and touching film about courage.

Finally, in Les six sœurs Dainef we meet six sisters who can do anything. Watch them perform the most fantastical acrobatics and together they are invincible.

In this film program you watch the films: Les six sours Dainef, Spring and Mina Moes

With your ticket you get access to the film program “Mina Moes and more brave girls” and afterwards you can enjoy playing in the Taartrovers Lab.