In these four joyful film adventures you will walk, float, roll and step along with Mr. Paper, with a curious tree, a polar bear and two woolly bears. Mr. Paper, looking forward to the day, folds one, two, three, four hats out of paper. During his walk, he conjures up all sorts of things with newspapers and scissors. A tree at the edge of the forest wishes to know what is going on in the world, dares to go out and find out. Float and dance along with a polar bear and float to the tune of a song along the animals playing with the alphabet. Finally, doze off to dreamland with two little bears who become embroiled in an adventure with a ball of wool before they go to sleep.

Featuring the films: One, two, tree, Mr. Paper goes out for a walk, Hush hush little bear and Polar Bears Boredom

A ticket gets you access to the film programme “One, two, three, four!” and afterwards you can have a great time playing in Taartrovers Lab.