In the programme “Small Laundry,” we run a full laundry programme with five special, sweet and funny short films.

In the exceptionally made animated film “Washing Machine,” two socks are completely in love with each other. But during the spin cycle, they suddenly lose each other. One sock eventually ends up back in the sock drawer, but the other is nowhere to be found.. Will these two socks in love find each other again?

Then the washing machine is stuffed with nuts in the funny film “Squirrel”. But where are the little squirrels gone now? The film is followed by the hot laundry programme “Cat”, in which mice happily jump into a soup the chef cat prepares. But then it gets a little too hot under their paws….

In the beautifully designed, dreamy film “Sleepwalking”, you dive into a fine laundry programme featuring a little, sleepy monkey who is so tired, he falls over.

In the film “Little Tiger,” the puppet tiger gets into trouble because of his many antics. Although he gets into trouble, he also learns a lot and eventually manages to smooth everything over nicely.

A film ticket grants you access to the film screening of “Small Laundry” as well as access to the Taartrovers Light Playground afterwards.