Whether it is night or day, whether you search in the light or play in the dark… This film programme takes you on a special journey full of wonderful stories and quests for friendships and loves, and is absolutely against boredom.

Mr. Night has a day off
Do you feel like doing everything a little differently sometimes? Mr. Night finds his routine boring and decides to take the evening off and live for a day.

Where is my moon
What do you do when you can’t sleep and you notice that the moon has disappeared? A brave girl dives in with a fish to find the moon. This beautifully designed film takes you on a dreamy journey.

Queen of the foxes
The queen of the foxes is the saddest of all. To make her happy, the other foxes go out at night to collect love letters from the city and lay them at her feet. Then something very special happens….

The queen of foxes is not the only one in this film programme looking for love. In the beautiful short animation “Nest”, as somewhat naive bird of paradise is also doing his best to impress his love.

The goose
In a cottage far away from everything, a little boy lives with his grandmother. The boy dreams of one day becoming a famous soccer player and playing all the big stadiums. But first he has to win his ball back from a goose who thinks the ball is her egg and stays on top of it!

A film ticket grants you access to the film screening of “The night has a day off” as well as access to the Taartrovers Light Playground afterwards.

* This programme is a compilation of five short films, of which four are without dialogue. One film is French spoken. The strong animation, colourful illustration and unspoken storyline of this film ensures language is no barrier and the film will delight all children, whether or not they speak the language or not. A Taartrover will be in the cinema room to introduce the programme and take the audience on this exciting film journey.