Splish, splash, splush! In this film programme, we dive into four film adventures filled with water and emerge dancing with the crabs, along the waves on the beach!

A summer rain shower clatters down on your head in the wonderful film “Piropiro”, which centers around the friendship between two birds. Piropiro flies around freely while its friend Dalle sits in a cage in a flower store. Piropiro dreams of flying through the whole wide world together with Dalle!

In the funny film “The Pond,” we swim in the sea alongside a little fish and discover the fantastic underwater world. Together with a crab, a squid, a starfish and a sea anemone and a gang of mussels, the little fish makes a jolly mess under water. Will they succeed together in outsmarting the hungry seagull?

A springboard diver in the film of the same name, practices her sport at the very highest level. She makes phenomenal jumps. But it always needs to get better and better. Even better jumps, even more somersaults, even less splashes in the water upon landing! But then she almost goes completely under….

In “Dancing in the sand,” we join a little girl to the beach who gets carried away by her curiosity. Chasing a crab, finding shells, watching the foaming waves and dancing in the sand. Will you dance with her?

A film ticket grants you access to the film screening of “Underwater” as well as access to the Taartrovers Light Playground afterwards.