“Upside Down” is a slightly philosophical, but mostly very funny, film programme that leaves you amazed and makes you laugh at the same time. We take a look on the other side and see the world upside down, where everything is different than usual. One moment we are in the sky, other times deep under the earth. Dig along and go underground, together with mouse, mole and all the other animals that live near the roots of the parsnip. In a beautifully made animation of textiles, we dive into a merry folk tale from Estonia.

In the short documentary “Illustration Compostage” we examine the ground itself. Fast forward we experience what happens when you compost and live for a moment among the worms that feast on all the leftovers. This can only be done in film!

“Grand migration” takes us to the sky where we fly with the birds. We travel with them to distant lands in a beautifully illustrated animation. But how do you know where you are, with no clues, in the middle of all that empty air? A funny short animation which turns the world upside down.

What happens when you are different from the rest? A giraffe with a long neck, is that different? Is that crazy? Laugh at the fantastic characters, the wacky movements but especially the crazy sounds in “Andersland”.

A film ticket grants you access to the film screening of “Upside down” as well as access to the Taartrovers Light Playground afterwards.