Film programme: A Splash of Color

“A splash of color” is a ready-made film programme from Cinemini on Tour: a package containing several European short and animated films and matching Activity Cards with interactive activities. Especially for (film) festivals looking for an interesting children’s programme.

A Splash of Color

In ” A Splash of Color” colour plays the leading role! Join us on an exciting journey through animation and experimental film. You will even be taken back to the early days of film and discover the different possibilities and effects of colour with these five unique short films.

With the Cinemini Activity Cards that come with the programme, you will have exciting activities to do with each film. Or get inspired by the films and get creative yourself – with a splash of colour, of course!

The films in the film programme are:
– A Colour Box
– Maly Cousteau
– Dingen
– Bizzarrie die una ruota
– Les six sœurs Dainef

Over het filmprogramma “A Splash of Colour”

Still colour box

Films for children between 3 and 6 years old

Audience size
3- 300

Number of screenings
2 to 25 screenings depending on the number of festival days and venues

all year round

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