Installation: Sound House

In this cottage, children can play with images and sound. They can make music with their voice, with instruments and everyday objects. So they explore with their ears and eyes. What happens to the images when you make sounds? Can you draw what you hear? What sounds can you make with the images you see?

The cottage was developed for the Taartrovers Film Festival, we also use it in schools and film theatres. It can also be rented for cultural institutions, schools and festivals.

About the installation

Geluidenhuisje Taartrovers

Suitable for children between 2 and 10 years old

Children can work on the installation themselves.

h: 190 x w: 205 x d: 145 cm

For rent and for sale

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“Meike kept coming back to the sound house. She played in it for up to an hour!”
—Visitor Taartrovers Film Festival