One Two Tree

Today we have a film for you about a tree. But not just any tree, a very, very, very curious one! Come and watch this film about an adventurous tree and its pretty red boots.

Good to know
The film lasts 12 minutes and is suitable for children from 3 years of age.

Watch the film

One two tree, Yulia Aranova, no dialogue, France, 2015

Let’s make some music with our feet!

Wasn’t that funny, how that tree tried on its red boots and went marching through town making funny new friends and even getting a funky new hairdo? One-two-tree, one-two-tree. Can you make a rhythm or sound with your shoes? And can you find other shoes in your house that make different kind of sounds?

What you’ll need:
– Shoes, big and small. Heavy boots, tiny flip flops, sneakers, sandals or slippers.
– Things that make a sound, such as little bells, elastic bands, matchboxes stuffed with crinkly or rattling things.
– Ribbons, string, elastic bands and tape
– Umbrella for the rain

Step 1

Look for shoes around your house. What sounds do they make when you walk in them? Click clack, stamp, stamp, shuffle, shuffle! Can you hear music?

Step 2

Tie ‘tinkle’ bells to your shoes, ‘pling plong’ elastics to your boots or ‘clack, clack’ clappers under your soles. Can you think of more ways to make music with your shoes?

Step 3

Put on your musical shoes and go for a lovely walk in your area. Do the trees even make music? Close your eyes and listen carefully – a great way to dance and make music together with the trees!

Share your music

Want to share your music-shoes with the Taartrovers? Take a photo or video of your creation and share it via Instagram or Facebook using #TaartroversThuis.