Welcome to Taartrovers at Home. Today, we are watching a film in which ordinary objects are magically transformed by light into animals, landscapes and wonderful stories. After the film, you are going to play and create magic with light and shadows yourself!

Good to know
The film lasts 1 minute and is suitable for kids aged 3 and up.  


Find a comfortable space to listen, watch and play.
Shadowology, Regisseur: Vincent Bal, zonder dialoog, België, 2018

Play with light

First, collect everything you need:
● anything that lets the sunlight shine through, such as a glass, a (coloured) plastic bottle with or without water, a filled up balloon, colander, glass marbles, etc.
● anything that does not let the sunlight shine through, but rather creates funny shadows
● pocket mirror
● paper (white or coloured)
● tape
● black fineliner, crayons, markers, pens, or paint, to draw with

Place one of the objects on white paper in the light of the sun or a lamp. Look at the shadow that falls on the paper.

What do you see?

Draw funny things with a marker or pencil so that the shadow looks even more like what you already saw in it.

Play tag with the sun. You can “catch” the sunlight and reflect it with a mirror. Try to “tag” someone by shining the light on their stomach, back or leg.

Did you do it? then it’s your playmates turn. Beware: don’t shine in each other’s eyes.

More shadowplay

Would you like to see more of these funny shadow videos and photos? Vincent Bal, the film maker, has made many many more. Take a look on his Instagram, YouTube  and Facebook.

The Taartrovers have played with light and shadow themselves, and look at what little Taartrover Sieuwe made! A tape dispenser transformed into an elephant. What magical images can you create with light?

Deel je resultaat

We’re very curious about your shadow creations and games, will you share them with us? Ask your mum or dad to take a picture of video of your light and shadow game, and share it with us on  Instagram or Facebook using #TaartroversThuis.