What can we teach young children about film and media?

Children see movies every day. How can we make this a meaningful experience? How and what can we teach young children about film and media? How do we introduce them to all the beauty that cinema has to offer and how can they use this to tell their own stories?

We try, together with our European partners, to provide practical answers to these questions. Cinemini is an education project with films, activities and teaching materials for children aged 3-6 years.

Cinimini: what we have to offer

Cinemini in the classroom
We offer a practical film lessons for preschoolers (three to six years). We offer a complete package that consists of movies, lesson cards for children and lesson letters for teachers. It is available for free.

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Cinimini in the cinema.
Every Sunday morning you can take children from 2 to 6 years to Eye for a kids movie. Afterwards they can with the wonderfull installations of Taartrovers. In the future we hope to offer this special kids-programme in more cinema’s.

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Cinemini On Tour
We offer ready-made film programmes: a package containing various European short and animation films and appropriate interactive workshops. Especially for (film) festivals.

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