Being big or small is something you often have to deal with as a child. You’re bigger than your little brother but smaller than the girl next door, big enough for the fast scooter but too small for the flashy racing bike. Are you big or still small? Or both at once? Or sometimes big and then small again?

This programme plays with big and small. A big wolf who acts tough but is also small. A tiny man who lives in a box, with little things that seem big in his little house. The little man and his house are so small everyone keeps running them over. Until one day this little guy can help a big guy and vice versa, together they are big and small at the same time. And do you know the Elephant? The one who lives around the corner and is endlessly cleaning the street? Elephant dreams of a bicycle. He saves and saves and saves, until he is able to finally buy the bike, but it turns out to be much too small.

With the movies: Big Wolf & Little Wolf, Le Petit Bonhomme de poche and The Elephant and the Bicycle

A ticket gets you access to the “Big and Small” film programme and afterwards you can play in the Taartrovers Lab.