Film programme: Twist & Turn

” Twist & Turn” is a ready-made film programme from Cinemini on Tour: a package containing several European short and animated films and matching teaching materials. This preschool and school programme has been put together for preschool groups or school classes.

Moving or standing still

In Twist & Turn! everything is moving. Nothing stands still. Marbles rock and roll everywhere, ink drips and moves to beautiful music. And we meet a dog whose very best buddy is his own tail! Together, we watch six different swinging films with room to move along. One thing is for sure, with this programme you won’t sit still! How long can you resist the boogiewoogie?

The films in this film programme are:
– Danse Serpentine
– Sally
– Surprise Boogie
– Les six soeurs Dainef
– Virtuos Virtuell
– My Happy End

About the film programme “Twist &Turn”

Still uit Sally

Films for children between 3 and 6 years old

Audience size
3- 300

Number of screenings
2 to 25 screenings depending on the number of festival days and venues

all year round

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