Lesson series: Kabam!

Kabam! won an International Emmy Award. And for good reason: it is a wonderful series. Together with the Theatermakerij Enschede, we developed a special lesson series to accompany the series. You can use this for free 🙂 .

About the lesson series

Kabam! aanvallen!

for children aged 4 to 8


Episodes of Kabam!
– 10 lessons with slides for educators

View the lessons in LessonUp


Do you ever feel your heart pounding and your legs shaking? The children from group three of Teacher Mo (Idriss Nabil) do. They are afraid of the dog, for example, swimming lessons, or of being a fool in class. Fortunately, they all have a rich imagination. And that helps them.

In each of the ten short stories in the Kabam! we meet one of the children in the class. Totally different, stubborn, funny and energetic characters, who know how to come up with a solution to their problem with a lot of humor and fantasy.

Recognizable childhood fears are central to the series. It shows that everyone is afraid from time to time and playfully shows that there is often a solution at hand. Using a little imagination… that’s how you do it!

Taartrovers developed materials to accompany the series in collaboration with Theatermakerij Enschedeles. kabam! is a co-production of IJswater Films and KRO-NCRV and can now be seen at Npo Zappelin / NPOPlus / NPOStart.

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