Teaching pack: Tér

The teaching materials for “Tér” are are free and accessible for educational purposes. The teaching pack consists of a short film, lesson cards for children and a lesson plan for the teacher.


A boy painting some letters on the walls of a city house with a piece of chalk takes us to the adjacent square where public life is being performed on a sunny day: Children, women, men, young and old – everyone is at play, chasing each other, dancing with each other, talking or screaming, always in movement. The camera captures this moment of collective life in a breathtakingly fluid movement, giving us the feeling that we could potentially be every single one of them or all of them at once, close to everything and at the same time strangely detached, flying above and watching life unfold from afar.

The film lesson “Tér” is part of Cinemini Europe, an innovative and interactive film education programme for children aged three to six years old.

All 26 Cinemini films and accompanying teaching materials are free for educational purposes: in schools, pre-schools, classrooms. The hand out for pedagoges and activity card for children for “Tér” are available below. This and the other Cinemini-films can be viewed after entering a password. Fill in the form and we will send you the link to the movie channel with the password immediately.

Teaching materials to accompany the film:


About the teaching materials

for children aged 3 to 6


– film
– Activity card for children
– Hand out for pedagoges

The method and materials are free and accessible for educational purpose. To watch, you will need a password

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