Teaching pack: Un giorno in Barbagia

The teaching materials for “Un giorno in Barbagia” are are free and accessible for educational purpose. The teaching pack consists of a short film, activity cards for children and a lesson plan for the teacher.

Un giorno in Barbagia

A day in the life of a village in Barbagia, in Sardignia. While the men are either out taking care of the sheep or hanging around in the streets, the women stay in the village They go about their daily routines: they trim trees, do the washing, prepare dough, make bread and – at the end of the day – serve supper to their returning men. They take care of the children as well. Vittorio de Seta looks at the way these people go about their lives without feeling the need to introduce any drama. Everything goes its way, day after day, one task leads to the next. The camera is curious yet careful in trying to give us a glimpse of this lifein the 50s

The film lesson “Un giorno in Barbagia” is part of Cinemini Europe, an innovative and interactive film education programme for children aged three to six years old.

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