Evi & Co

Welcome to Taartrovers at Home! Today, we will watch a film about a little girl called Evi and her grandfather, Co. Evi’s mum and dad have a second-hand shop with an endless number of things to play with. Using a lot of imagination, they can build anything they want. After the film, you can try building for yourself!

Good to know
The film lasts 9 minutes and is suitable for children from 3 years of age.

Watch Evi & Co

Evi & Co, Hilt Lochten, Dutch, The Netherlans, 2017, Original titel: Evi & Co: Samen

Your turn

What a beautiful domino track Evi made! She built a long track using dominoes, books and old video tapes. Let’s explore and find things that can easily fall:
– Dominoes, wooden blocks
– Other things that can stand up and tip over easily such as empty milk containers, books or juice cartons.

Step 1

Look for things that can easily fall. Make a row with your items, start with just a few boxes or books, and see what happens when you push the first in line.

Step 2

Now try to create a big track of dominoes with all the materials, all around the room. Where will your track go? Under the table, over the chairs, maybe even out the door?

Ready? Before pushing over the first tile, ask your mum or dad if they can make a recording of your creation, showing how everything falls over, just like Evi’s domino track.

Did it work? If you like, you can start all over again, or maybe build other creations out of the items you found. Perhaps a house? A garage? Or a big, tall tower!

Share your track

We would love to see your creations! Post a photo or video of your domino track via Instagram or Facebook using #TaartroversThuis.