Film programme: Still Image & Movement

“Still Image & Movement” is a ready-made film programme from Cinemini on Tour: a package containing several European short and animated films and matching Activity Cards with interactive activities. Especially for (film) festivals looking for an interesting children’s programme.

Still Image & Movement

Motion could be captured on film for the first time in history! This was a sensation in early film history! big enough to make mundane events like the arrival of a train a box-office hit. But film is not just about movement. The ability to play with movement and standstill is also interesting. The images we see are stationary: only when we watch film are the various images in our heads turned into moving pictures.

In the films of “Moving or Standing Still”, you will see the endless possibilities this brings: time runs backwards, household objects come to life and centuries-old paintings can be explored in a totally new way.

The films in this film programme are:
– L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat
– Moia Mama – Samolet
– Démolition d’un mur
– Ostorozhno, dveri otkryvajutsia!
– Bimo xinglü

About the programme “Still Image & Movement”

Bimo xinglü still

Films for children between 3 and 6 years old

Audience size
3- 300

Number of screenings
2 to 25 screenings depending on the number of festival days and venues

all year round

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