Teaching pack: Virtuos Virtuell

The teaching materials for “Virtuos Virtuell” are are free and accessible for educational purposes. The teaching pack consists of a short film, lesson cards for children and a lesson plan for the teacher.

Virtuos Virtuell

An experimental animation film that does not tell a story in a classical sense but rather creates a movement of wet ink on a white background that seems to take up the dramatic arch of the overture we are hearing on the soundtrack. Their interplay stimulates us to see things, events, maybe even drama in what is basically just black shapes on a white surface. The film happens on the screen before us and is simultaneously created in our head.

The film lesson “Virtuos Virtuell” is part of Cinemini Europe, an innovative and interactive film education programme for children aged three to six years old.

All 26 Cinemini films and accompanying teaching materials are free for educational purposes: in schools, pre-schools, classrooms. The hand out for pedagoges and activity card for children for “Virtuos Virtuell” are available below. This and the other Cinemini-films can be viewed after entering a password. Fill in the form and we will send you the link to the movie channel with the password immediately.

Teaching materials to accompany the film:


About the lesson plan

for children aged 3 to 6


– film
– Activity card for children
– Hand out for pedagoges

The method and materials are free and accessible for educational purpose. To watch, you will need a password

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