Teaching pack:When cities fly

The teaching materials for “When cities fly ” are are free and accessible for educational purposes. The teaching pack consists of a short film, activity cards for children and a lesson plan for the teacher.

When cities fly

High above the roofs of Amman, the capital of Jordan, the camera follows objects that fly: People standing on the roofs of their houses guide their kites into the air, small flocks of birds circle the sky. Towards the second half of the film the camera finds a group of young children playing in the remains of a torn down building. Instead of kites they only have empty plastic bags which they try to get up into the air. The camera comes closer and begins to interact with the children.

The film lesson “When cities fly” is part of Cinemini Europe, an innovative and interactive film education programme for children aged three to six years old.

All 26 Cinemini films and accompanying teaching materials are free for educational purposes: in schools, pre-schools, classrooms. The hand out for pedagoges and activity card for children for “When cities fly” are available below. This and the other Cinemini-films can be viewed after entering a password. Fill in the form and we will send you the link to the movie channel with the password immediately.

Teaching materials to accompany the film:


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for children aged 3 to 6


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