Giulia & Sophie

Today we join the twins Giulia and Sophie on their swimming lesson! Find yourself a cosy spot to sit an watch.

Good to know
The film lasts 4 minutes and is suitable for kids aged 3 and up  

Now let’s swim along with Giulia and Sophie.

Giulia & Sophie’s swimming lesson, Dutch, Hilt Lochten, The Netherlands, 2018, original titel: Giulia & Sophie gaan naar zwemles

Another language

Giulia and Sophie have something rather special: they hear through a little device. That device can’t get wet, of course, so the twins take it out when they go swimming.

Luckily, they have a lovely swimming instructor who can speak using her hands and face, isn’t that clever?

Shall we try ourselves?

Taartrovers Agenda

Make your own sign language

Did you know, we can say many more words without sound, using our hands, face and the rest of our body? Can you think up your own signs? What would the sign for an elephant look like? Or a car, teapot, or the sea? And how would you sign your own name? Let’s try! You can ask your mum or dad to guess what you’re saying in your own sign language. You can build whole stories using only your hands and face.

Share your words

Share your sign language with us, through Instagram or Facebook using #TaartroversThuis.