Googuri Googuri

Today we travel with Googuri Googuri through a dreamy world full of colours and textures. It’s almost as if you can touch the film, can you feel it? Watch, listen, touch and explore for yourself.

Good to know
The film lasts 8 minutes and is suitable for kids aged 3 and up.  

What you’ll need:

  • At least two people, big or small, to play with
  • A spot on the floor that may get a bit dirty: perhaps covered with a piece of used cardboard, plastic foil or some old newspapers. On top of that, tape a large piece of paper (such as wrapping paper)
  • Finger paint (or some other water-based paint that’s easy to clean up)
  • A small bowl of water and some kitchen towel, for cleaning.

Create a comfortable spot to watch, perhaps a mountain of pillows and blankets on the floor, or together in the big bed?

Now watch the film Googuri Googuri

Googuri Googuri, Yoshiku Misomi, no dialogue, Japan, 2015, original titel: 三角 芳子

Can you see with your fingers?

Wow, wasn’t that wonderful? All the shapes, mountains and images the girl and her grandfathers imagined. You could almost feel it! Did you see grandfather’s toes sticking out from underneath the blankets? I could almost tickle them! What would that feel like? Can you see with your fingers? And feel with your toes? Lets start exploring.

Make sure there is someone sitting across from you who you love. Close your eyes and feel gently with your hands, the hands of the other person. Gently slide along the arm up to the face. What shape is it? What else do you feel?

What does the paint feel like?

Find a nice spot. It can be inside or outside, on the floor on a large piece of paper.

 Have you ever painted with your fingers or toes? On a large piece of paper you can paint, together or alone, with your fingers, your toes or even with your entire foot. What do you feel?

Listen to music and dance, draw and swirl your paint onto the paper. Paint the music into stripes, swipes, blobs and dots. Now take a good look at your painting, what do you see? Colourful skies, large mountains, or maybe a dragon or even your grandfather?

Share your painting

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