The Living House

Today, we will watch a film about a house that is very, very, very tall. All kinds of people live, play and work in it. Where do you live? On the ground floor? Or maybe high at the top with your heads in the clouds? Let’s go and watch the film!

Good to know
The film lasts 5 minutes and is suitable for children from two years of age.

Watch the Film

The Living House, Svetlana Andrianova, no dialogue, Rusia, 2017, original titel: ЖИЛ БЫЛ ДОМ

Let’s build!

That building was incredibly tall, with its head all the way up in the clouds. Can you imagine being that tall, and looking down?

Step 1

Close your eyes and imagine standing on the very top floor of your house. What do you see when you look down? The streets, a park, maybe the playground or a shop? What else can you see?

Step 2

Look for things you can use to build roads, outline rivers, shape buildings, mountains or the sea, on your living room floor.

You can use things like coloured buttons, straws, clothes pegs, pencils, pieces of fabric, raw pasta, cups, building blocks, rope and books.

If you want, you can also create a world on your own doorstep using a box of coloured chalk, or in your garden or the park using twigs, sand, rocks, leaves and anything you can find outside.

Step 3

Now, can you go and create your own view from above? Find a nice spot, stand in the middle and look down, just as if you were a tall building! You can create your own world; on the floor around your feet, using twigs, chalk, or anything you can find. Does your world have streets with cars? Your neighbour’s house? Or maybe you can see the sea from way above?

Share your view

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